Wingmastew Edit

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Teh Wingmastew, by Someone (that's his actual name)

In a paralell universe, there exists a fluffy pony that goes by the name of "teh wingmastew". He tortures humans (and occasionally other fluffies).

His hat is actually his head

Backstory: Edit

he was born to a fluffy mummah who hated him and wanted him to get "forever sleepies."

He was found by the ringmaster and was brought up as his servant.

Notable achivements: Edit

-Cooking a human herd

-forcing a human to step on a lego

-Making a death coaster in RCT2

8639 - artist gowdie cootooloo safe wingmastew

Teh Wingmastew with cootooloo, His stuffy friend

Writing a book

-Holding a baby hostage

-Sending a fluffy into orbit

-Making a prank call

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Here is the book he wrote.(He actually wrote it) Edit

Here it is.

Conclusion: Edit

"Teh wingmastew" is smarter than your average fluffy, being able to light a match, find out a human's secret weakness, play rollercoaster tycoon, and write a book.