Uncle amigo was a character that you could meet on fluffy club. his story is that he owns, *breathes in* KFF, TOWN CENTER, PLAZA, THE AMAZON, GRILL, MARKET9, BREEZE, FREDDY'S PIZZA, And many more. He was introduced in 2016 and just a day before Club fluffy was deleted from scratch.


He had no stamps.

Uncle Amigo is User:Shrimpoframa's uncle who's fetish includes paraphilia and cognitively impaired shota, and unfortunately for Fluffy Club Autist "Shrimpoframa", who happens to be a cognitively impaired shotafag, this means Uncle Amigo regularly climbs into Shrimpoframa's Race Car bed, and does unspeakable things to Fluffy Club Autist's butthole, generating much butthurt for Shrimpoframa. He then comes on the wiki, and weaponizes said butthurt into potent and laughably stupid autism.

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