4215 - Tiffany artist meh original art

Tiffany, with some unsuspecting victims. Art by Meh.

Tiffany (last name unknown) is an employee at Sarah's fluffy pony mill, and a side character in the Fluffy Factory series. She is notorious for her ire towards the fluffy balls of love, although she will not usually harm her cousin's breeding stock (with one famous exception). Her tool of choice for abuse is an aluminum baseball bat, although she has other weapons. She is noteworthy for keeping several fluffy ponies in her home, to be taken to the shop and used as examples of suffering when the breeding stock gets out of line. Tiffany's childhood was a minefield of psychological abuse; although she used to be much like Lucy, the creation and proliferation of human-like victims she can torture without repercussion has brought out the bitterness in her heart.