alicorn, black fluff, rainbow mane, and heterochromia

Susana Maria is a parody Mary Sue created by badmunsta. She is noted for being special for the sake of being special, while having almost no personality. She attempts to save fluffies from abusers. However, the abusers are able to argue there way out, because of Susana Maria's moral code. Likewise, because she is an alicorn, the fluffies she tries to save are more afraid of her than their actual abusers.

She is a parody the typical "OC- DONUT STEEL" character type. Her "Mary Sue" attributes include:

  • being an alicorn
  • a rainbow mane
  • black fluff
  • heterochromia (one red and one purple eye)
  • a convoluted, yet mysterious, back-story
  • the ability to actually fly and use magic
  • the ability to speak normal English. In fact, she surpasses that by speaking Shakespearean English