Please note: This belonged in a game that no longer existed or moved. Which means there is no way you can access the game/stamps.

Super damn insanity stamp (extremely insanely hard) is the hardest stamp type in fluffy club. There are only 3 super damn insanity stamps in the game, (Shadow's 3rd transformation, Bigger sea fluffy, Finish the game by 100%).

Shadow's 3rd transformation:

Almost the hardest type of stamp in the whole game (following finish the game stamp) As it has only a 6% chance of evolving into a beast, because shadow is the rarest breed of fluffy ever.

Bigger sea fluffy:

It's so hard as a rock. You have to get a sea fluffy 3 times to get a big sea fluffy. it is super hard. As only 1 person had this stamp.

Beat the game:

Isn't it obvious? you gotta beat the game to get this stamp. nobody ever had this stamp which makes it the hardest stamp in the game completely. After the 2016 removal of the game it was forgotten completely.

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