Splokes are Spikies evolved. they are stronger then the last one and look more demonic. they can kill a maroon with one bite. they are best known for torturing baby fluffies. they are a wolf/spikey/fluffy pony. its power is a record of 5674. they are as large as a turkey. after death they devolve and die. they eat penguins and can be found in the desert. their blood temparture changes from cold to warm. they are the rarest of the spikey fluffies and can be hardly tamed and are considered very dangerous as it was reported a man lost his arms from a sploke bite.


Their info is obviously a spikey fluffy. its a demonic creature and can be found in volcanoes too. you need a special license to own a sploke. making it one of the fluffies to need a special license to own.

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