Origanal work By artist-kun

A Shit Edit is a term used in the fluffy community to refer to a derived work consisting of an edit of another artist's image. Despite the negative connotation of the term, "shit edits" refer to all derived images which contain pasted sections of another image, even high quality edits. Additionally, shit edits are not necessarily discouraged on fluffybooru or in the fluffy community at large, however, posting a large number of low-quality shit edits is considered spamming, and shit-edits are generally considered the "laziest" form of content creation, as they require much less effort than original art or story writing.

Shit edits can consist of a simple re-captioning, or it can involve a significant editing of the original. Often a shit edit will turn an abuse image into a hugbox one or vice versa. The "standard tag" for shit edits on fluffybooru is "shit_edit" not "shit-edit".

Shit Edit By WetFluff