166 - artist-fluffsplosion sea fluffy

A Sea Fluffy

Sea Fluffies Edit

Sea Fluffies are an uncommon breed of fluffy ponies, which is to say they do not appear in the general headcanon. They live in salt water, and display the intelligence of regular fluffy ponies. Physically, their head is identical to a land fluffy, but their abdomen sports gills and two flippers, also covered in fluff. Their bottom hooves and tail are replaced by a seahorse's tail, also fluffy. Like real seahorses, their males carry and lay the eggmass. They have a penchant for seaweed (or "sea gwassies") instead of spaghetti, and unlike regular fluffies, seem to exist almost entirely in feral schools. However, sea fluffies do not know about their land counterparts and will sometimes accidentally drown them as they try to get them to play in the water.

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