Purple Stardust is a Fluffy Runt, but was born healthy, despite the small size.


Her older fluffy mother was quick to abuse and try and kill the fluffy, calling it a "Dummeh Babbeh" like they always do. However, the fluffy was saved by the owner of the New Fluffy Mother, and decided to sell said fluffy for adoption. It was then adopted by Camwoodstock (Character) and Derpy (Camwoodstock).


  • Runt
  • Lavender Fluff
  • Earthie
  • Smarter then normal
  • Female


Purple Stardust, despite most fluffies out there, is smarter then others, knowing things other fluffies don't. For example, if Spaghetti is near water, don't try and get it, because you might fall in the water. Her vocabulary is pretty smart too, so she knows more. Regardless, she is a fluffy that is liked by her mother.