First ever drawing of Maroon. Artist unknown.

Maroon is a character created by the author nasir6r. He is described as a maroon Unicorn with a sharpened horn. He is arguably one of the most hated fluffies in the fandom and arguably one of it's best known villains

Maroon as depicted by Mr_Tiggly_the_Wiggly_Walnut

: this stems from his genocidal hatred of non-unicorn fluffies, whom he subjects to various atrocities and cruelities (including but in no way limited to): rape, murder, physical, sexual and psychological abuse.), as well as fits of rage often accompanied by headaches and nosebleeds (later revealed to be seizures by nasir6r). Despite aforementioned cruel and psychotic behavior, he has shown himself to be a competent smarty friend.

Maroon as depicted by Marcus_Maximus

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