MLP RUINED Is a scratch series from early 2011. in it shows gifs of Torture, baby pony abuse, murder, and swear words. it was made for the hate of the series and was taken down soon after many people reported it as too violent or scary. although the original creator posted a comment of it getting a reebot with less adult content.


Fuzzy: The main antagonist.

Pinky die: The undead pinky pie but way more violent.

Roarity: Kills everyone with a powerful roar.

Twidark: Sort of a bitch.

Steven: Died to a pony and his ghost haunts whoever killed him for eternity.

Fire dash: Some kind of demonic creature

BrutalShy: Tearing up her friends into pieces when disturbed.

Facebook: Oppisite of discord

Elern: Kills everyone at the final finish

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