Note: This was apart of a game that no longer exists or was moved. if you want to access or download you can't because it was removed.

The insanity stamp (Purple stamp) Is a insanely hard stamp and has 6 stamps. ( 88 fluffies, 1000 coins spent, fluffy dies, purple fluffy with red stripes, bought 455 roasted fluffy from KFF.) And is one of the hardest stamp kinds (following Super damn intense stamp).

88 Fluffies:

This stamp can be earned by adopting 88 fluffies. though it's a insanity one it's quite easy to get.

1000 coins spent:

This stamp again is easy to get though the max limit of coins is 3000.

Fluffy dies:

You earn this stamp when one of your fluffy dies without you using the recovery center.

Rare purple fluffy:

This stamp could be earned by earning a fluffy with 3000 coins which would get you this stamp.

Bought 455 fried fluffy from KFF:

This stamp could be earned by buying 455 roasted fluffy from KFF. Due to abuse only 4 people have this stamp.

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