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The aftermath of Howler punishing cruel fluffy stallions.

Originally created by PhantomFluffy, Howler is a giant earth fluffy wolf hybrid, with black fluff, a gray mane, sharp teeth and a scar over his left eye. Howler's personality is generally glum and sorrowful. He wishes he could play and be around other fluffies but his appearance makes regular fluffies think he is a monster and due to his large size he accidentally hurts would be friends by playing too rough or not looking where he's going. Another defining characteristic of Howler's personality is his absolute hatred of bullies and bad smarties. Seeing other fluffies bully or abuse other fluffies sends Howler into an uncontrollable rage and which makes him brutally maul, crush or tear apart any amount of fluffies that set him off. These outbursts generally make the surviving good fluffies fear Howler and run away.


Howler is often portrayed as the fluffy boogie man in several stories who comes in the dark of the night to punish bad fluffies and cruel smarties. He has cameos in the “Maroon” series, Van Gogh and Prissy, and several other stories. Howler is believed to be the biggest fluffy ever conceived in the fluffy fandom. His large size and fierce appearance have even deterred some would be abusers, but it is unclear how well he could stand up to a human in an actual fight.

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