Fortune's OC, "Fortune"

An author as well as an artist.

Most known for his creation of the Vito series as well as his various stories and comics.

Character BackstoryEdit

Driven insane By Self-imposed isolation, he tried to be a regular super-villian,but repeatedly failed.

He worked his way down until until he found the only thing he could fight; Fluffy ponies. (Believe me,he's not happy about that)

He still tries to find enjoyment in his work,concocting various death-traps and other scenarios that end in fluffy pain and death.

Because ABUSE-ers don't have much money, he can't charge alot for his services, and is stuck at a rather dead-end job to cover his other costs.

If he was to get a better job or even a Girlfriend,he would probably cease his fluffy murdering,

However,Unfortunately,it is mostly unlikely he shall ever get any of those and so,he continues to abuse them,

Character deathEdit

During one of the many Skype chats with Aichi,he said his character commited suicide in a Dumpster.

Aichi then took the dead body into the darkness,forever leaving speculation to where Fortune's corpse actually is.

Leaving Fluffybooru.Edit

In Early 2013,Fortune's usual posting and comment went dead suddenly,after 10 days,Aichi,spoke to him via facebook,where he confirmed to have left the booru,making a tumblr in return,for anyone still wishing to speak to him.

he left the booru with a title,being the artist to "Collapse the fandom", Many disagreed,but he did infact collapse the South-east asian part of the fandom for some time.

His final words were, "There's a Slim chance I shall return here."

Return Edit

Those words were proven to be true in August 2014 when he once again took up posting and commenting again.