Fluffyshy arguing about her bedtime.


Fluffyshy wuvs you!

Fluffyshy is a notorious fluffy. While she is technically simply the fluffy version of Fluttershy, her usual portrayal is that of a yellow, baby-faced fluffy with grotesque proportions, whose speech is peppered with random sound effects, such as *squee* and *coo*. She is reviled by abusers, and many hugboxers aren't fond of her either (although very few hard-core hugboxers often try to seriously defend her and revile abusers who abuse her in a gruesome way). She is sometimes seen as a companion to Fluffydash or Derpyfluff to a lesser extent.

Intelligence and behaviorEdit

Like her namesake, she is loving but timid and is usually portrayed as even less intelligent than average fluffies, often clueless to the various tortures that she is experiencing.

In many headcanons, Fluffshy is often depicted as a selfish and demanding fluffy. She always asks whatever she wants, and complains if she doesn't get it. This egoism, combined with her timidity and stupidity, makes her often a nice target for any kind of abuse; most of them being spanking with a sorry stick, due to her fragile body.