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Fluffybooru is an image gallery specialized in fluffies, it also accepts text. It is the bigger resource about fluffies.

Entry meta-dataEdit

  • Uploader -- the person who have upload the image or text.
  • Tags -- list of key words that describes the entry.
  • Rating -- safe, questionable, explicit, announcement.
  • Source -- Url of the original, in the case of multi page comics the URL of the previous page.


A more detailed list of tags can be found at /Tags

Most important tagsEdit

  • artist:<nick name of the artist> --
  • hugbox -- happy fluffyes been loved.
  • sadbox -- sad fluffyes having tragedies.
  • abuse -- fluffies been tortured physically or mentally.
  • neutral -- portray the realistic effects of the incorporation of fluffies into the world.
  • set_<name of the set> -- closely related images like the pages of the same comic.


Upload BBcodeEdit

Comment BBcodeEdit

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