Fluffy club were strange articles written by unknown people. but then something terrible happened, motherfucking penis licking autistic fuckfaces came around and shattered his dreams. Fluffy club autist is throwing a temper tantrum, never mind him, let his nurses take care of it, whilst they restrain him until the sedatives and medication kicks in and does it's work on his underdeveloped mind


Overactive Autistic Imaginations at work, Shitting up your Boorus and Wikis



Gentlemen, Fluffy club autist has just started baleeting his comments and in a fit of butthurt and autistic tears, has quit the wiki!!

Good job! Maybe it was the evidence we found of him being a pedophile. I think also its all the hard work we put in here to make that kid feel as bad as possible for his autism.

Gee I kinda miss that autist, kek. He made me laugh. xD

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