(The following page is based of a Fan fiction written on Pastbin. It does not need to be considered canon to fluffies, i thought it would be an intresting addition to the universe, thank you.)


The Fluffy Protection Service is a faction of humans who take matters into their own hands and aim to protect fluffies from abusive or neglectful owners. They also deal with infestations and breeding programs to control fluffy growth in a certain area. This does include feral extermination and contraceptive treatment. All Fluffies saved from abusive individuals are taken to a centre where they are either released, given a castration/spay or are put down, depending on their condition when they are found.


Exterminators are the darker faction to the FPS, when a feral population is growing to rapidly Exterminators are send into forests and towns to find the feral groups and put down the targets, these being the alpha males and fertile females. Once the target ferals are terminated and the fluffy population dwindles, the exterminators come off duty.


All wear black clothing with a small kevlar vest and one sidearm with dart rounds. Hunters wear ghillie and are equiped with a suppressed huntsmans rifle. All must wear a mask to prevent Fluffies from adopting them as their father or mother if encountered.

Relaionships with fluffiesEdit

Some fluffies will find them to be mysterious heroes, saving them from thier either drunken or high masters. However others might fear the FPS as a organistion that hates them, some ferals will scout an area to check for any FPS hunters in the area.