a chunkie is a hybrid fluffy pony/Wolf. After being struck by lightning while a full moon is out it will transform into a hellish looking demon/fluffy pony called the chunkie. you have to have a special license to obtain these fluffies as their considered extremely dangerous and will escape the room/cage/crib now and then. they also torture other fluffies. these fluffies origin are unknown until someone collects DNA on them. These are rarily calm and can kill 20 humans with toxic waste from its eternal organs the next 5 minutes. they only make friends with fluffy ponies by getting used to being around them. though be aware they do kill fluffy ponies so it'll be hard. after death it'll transform back into its original self and die peacefully.


They only have a little known info and that is murder/Not so friendly. the male ones eat their babies after birth. the female ones cut their babies throat and kill it. they rarily get used to their babies and if they do. surprise surprise. the baby ones Look like their daddy. and they are said to be extremely fragile and can be killed by fear/murder/toxic, and of course, Sadness and hunger.

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