Cannibal fluffies are a unique type of fluffy both physically and generally speaking. They've been represented in multiple ways by many artists on the Booru. While most fluffies, excluding smarties, are docile, air-headed and fairly wimpy, cannibal fluffies are basically the polar opposite. Jessibell, a cannibal fluffy character found in Fluffybooru user ShadySmarty's comic Scootafluff, is one of the only established cannibal fluffs I've come across. The cannibal fluffies' key physical traits are its spiral eyes, its jagged teeth, and its burning need to kill and 'num' all other fluffies. Because common fluffies are foolish and trusting, they don't notice these traits and even if they did, they likely wouldn't think much of it. They wouldn't know to. As fore-mentioned earlier, cannibals are very cunning. This is yet another one of many advantages this subspecies has over common fluffies.

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