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A brown fluffy foal.

Brown Fluffies (known as "poopy babbehs" in fluffy lingo) are normal fluffies of any breed that are born with brown fluff that are often seen as undesirables by their own family. Brown fluffies often find themselves as outcasts, killed or even used as sexual release and/or forced into obscene acts such as cleaning the feces stained anuses of fellow fluffy ponies at the orders of a smarty fluffy or mother. Brown fluffies are often sold at pet stores as animal food at discounted prices due to their unpopularity and are affordable to low income customers. The only brown fluffies that have a chance to sell to a loving home are usually brown pegasi fluffies sold during the Thanksgiving season. Some store owners encourage brown pegasi to imitate turkey gobbles to increase the chance of a customer thinking they are cute enough to buy.
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Brown fluffy trying to be adopted around Thanksgiving.

It is speculated that the behavior of other fluffies rejecting brown fluffies was learned from fluffies raised in mills. It is common practice for mills and certain breeders to immediately dispose of unsellable foals and often punish the mother for wasting resources. Seeing as they would be punished for giving birth to poorly colored foals, several of the mothers would blame the foal for getting them in trouble and treat future offspring with scorn. Others believe this behavior is natural, as it is very common among ferals found around cities. However several feral fluffy mares still believe that good mummas love all their babies and will accept their brown children and raise them like they would a normal fluffy. Domesticated mothers can be trained to accept poorly colored foals if they show signs of parental negligence or abuse. However some feral fluffy herds tend to destroy brown fluffy ponies, regardless of the mother's acceptance. If a brown fluffy manages to survive into adulthood, they tend to have a higher survivability rate than prettier colored fluffies in the wild, due to their brown color acting as camouflage, a trait that other fluffies bright pastel colored fluff lack and makes them easy prey for predators.

Brown fluffy rejection originEdit

The first story to inform readers that brown fluffies are a waste to raise in fluffy mills came from Mayclore's Fluffy Factory series. In the story it is explained brown is one of the most reviled colors that never get sold because it reminds some customers that fluffies shit a lot. Other colors are considered unsellable as well but brown has remained the go to worst selling color. Over time and many years later, members of the fandom reskinned the fluffy runt trope and made fluffy mothers reject or abuse any foals they considered ugly instead of the standard unhealthy or smelly foal rejection caused by birth defects. Now brown fluffies seem to be treated poorly due to color regardless of how healthy the foal appears to be.

Life as a litterpal Edit

Some pet stores will sell quadriplegic brown fluffy ponies as "litterpals", a biological litterbox where the brown fluffy will live a miserable life of digesting the feces of domesticated fluffies until they die from hepatitis or other complications from living on a diet solely consisting of feces.

Brown fluffy culture and humans Edit

Some fluffy ponies may even refer to black humans as "poopie hoomins" and speak down to them. Humans observing this behavior often perceive the oppressing fluffy ponies as racist bigots and will often take violent action against fluffies abusing "poopy babbehs". One retaliatory act among certain individuals, is tearing out the eyes or using a corrosive agent to blind offending fluffy ponies so they will be unable to identify the color of their young. Other creative measures include replacing eyes with low cost implants that make mothers color blind and perceive almost all fluffies as grayish in color.

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